Mia & Bo Harris.

Winter, the hard-working office lady.Not totally content with her face yet. D:

Winter, the hard-working office lady.

Not totally content with her face yet. D:

Hello again! ^.^ I got some messages about my downloads so I compressed all downloads, removed the brackets and renamed them for the game(didn’t know that some characters can increase loading time, sorry!), and added a mediafire, dropbox, and mega download for all of the non-sim & house ones! ^.^ 

Hello dears! ^.^ I just wanted you guys to know that I have answered a lot of built up questions on my question blog. Due to my time away from sim thangs (consistently anyways), I have pathetically forgotten some wcifs & I’m genuinely sorry for that.


Seiya: What the… what are you doing?

Dolly: Oh, you know.. just.. hanging around! heh.

so adorable !! ♥♥♥♥

Link to boobies top ^.^

Kiku’s first attempt at grilling by herself: Failing (︶︹︺)